The protective mask with breathing support


This mask is designed to let the user breathe clean air safely indoor and to ensure the safety of sports or work outdoors, particularly for the users who have difficulty breathing or have lung disease. In order to reduce the usage of one-time disposable masks, this long-lasting mask can also be worn in everyday life.

The structure is simple by module design, can be exchangeable and washed

The product surface has antibacterial coating to prevent cross infection during wearing and removing. (e.g. it was made from Photo catalyst material / be infused with Copper oxide solvent).

The filter can be replaced, using 3M standard filter module, which is recyclable with environmentally friendly material .

In front of the fan, there is an air intake duct. In the center of the duct, the UVC-light can effectively kill germs in the incoming air. The channel is also detachable and cleanable.

The mask is equipped with a fresh air device with a turbofan to improve the humid and hot climate inside the mask and facilitate normal breathing.

The product is connected to a mobile phone application, which provides timely feedback of respiratory content and data, and records the filter usage time and manual / automatic adjustment of turbofan power.